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VSSDM is a NGO based in Vancouver Canada.

We committed to promoting and furthering democracy, freedom, human rights, and the rule of law. Our ongoing mission is to stand against injustices and human rights violations globally, striving to create a more just and equitable world.


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Latest Advocacy Initiatives and Petitions by VSSDM
We regularly initiate advocacy efforts and petitions. Your support is greatly appreciated. We need everyone's involvement.


Hong Kong Humanitarian Fund Vancouver

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 June 4th Memory & Human Rights Museum


"The Eternal Flame News" - A Bi-Monthly Publication Exploring the Truth about China

"The Eternal Flame News"is a bi-monthly publication focused on news and current affairs in China. This magazine not only reports on the latest developments in China but also delves deeply into significant issues related to democracy, freedom, and human rights. We are committed to providing fair and in-depth analysis and commentary, presenting to our readers China’s role on the global stage and the challenges it faces. "Xin Huo Magazine" is an essential resource for understanding and exploring the complex society and culture of China, suitable for all readers interested in Chinese affairs.

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