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Coalition of human rights and pro-democracy groups fights against false narrative:

Calls for urgent implementation of a foreign-agent registry



Jenny Kwan, MP (Vancouver East), has joined a coalition of human rights and pro-democracy organizations from Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto to launch a House of Commons petition campaign urging the Canadian government to swiftly implement the Foreign Influence Transparency Registry (FITR) and related enforcement legislations.


The petition calls upon the government to promptly establish an independent public inquiry and implement effective measures, including the creation of a foreign interference registry, to prevent and deter such actions before the next election.


Critics of the FITR often wrongly equate the Registry with the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1923. This century-old racist act was a blanket discriminatory tool used to bar all Chinese individuals from entering Canada. In contrast, the foreign-agent registry is meant for those, whether Canadian or not, who lobby on behalf of foreign governments.

Chinese consulate officials have occasionally exploited anti-Asian sentiment and racism during the pandemic, openly assuring Chinese Canadians that their "motherland" will take care of them.


This initiative is about protecting Canadian sovereignty and safeguarding democracy. For far too long, we have witnessed China's undue influence infiltrating our community, and it is time to put an end to it.


Please sign the petition and share it with your community and friends.






由獨裁的中國共產黨統治的中華人民共和國 - 它努力在加拿大主要城市設立海外警察局,以監視和控制生活在這個國家的華人的觀點和意見,以及影響公眾輿論和我們民選官員的意見,甚至我們選舉過程的結果。








刻不容緩, 請簽署請願書並與您的社區和朋友分享。



Paper Petition

Download signature form

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Online Petition e-4534


「齊齊抗共 斬斷中共滲透黑手」

Anti CCP Anti Infiltration: Protecting Canadian sovereignty and safeguarding democracy,

日期 (Date): 十月一日 (October 1)
時間. (Time): 下午兩時至三時 (2pm)
地點 (Venue): 3380 Granville St., Vancouver (在中國駐溫哥華總領事館 前舉行) outside Chinese Consulate



On October 1st, from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m., join us outside the embassy of the People's Republic of China (3380 Granville Street) in a rally and protest against CCP infiltration of Canadian democratic society. October 1st is the 74th anniversary of the CCP's dictatorial regime in China - 74 years of oppression of the Chinese people, of robbing the people of any semblance of freedom, democracy and fundamental human rights.

What is worse, Xi Jinping, China's dictator now wants to extend the regime's nefarious influence toward the democratic nations, by infiltrating every aspect of Canadian society, its way of life, public opinion, government policy, and even our electoral process - the very foundation of a free and democratic society.

For all those who do not want Canada dyed red; for all of us who want to retain our free society, come out and join us in protest.

Hosted By Canadian Communities of Chinese, Filipinos, Hongkongers, Indo Canadians, Taiwanese R.O.C., Tibetans, and Uyghurs.

1. CNLOC - Chinese Youth Association
2. East Turkistan Association of Canada
3. Friends of Canada and India Foundation
4. Global Pinoy Diaspora Canada
5. Students for a free Tibet
6. Vancouver Activists of Hong Kong (VAHK)
7. Vancouver Society of Freedom, Democracy & Human Rights for China
8. Vancouver Society in Support of Democratic Movement (VSSDM)




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Love in the Time of Revolution” Movie Showing Sold-out in Vancouver - Rapturous Response from Audience


During 2019’s “Anti-extradition” movement in Hong Kong, there was a writing on a wall that proclaimed, “For love, we revolt”. Three years later, this saying became the title of a film reflecting the struggles of the people of Hong Kong at the time. This film takes a close-up look at the glorious and magnificent struggles of that year. In the afternoon of Saturday, August 5th, the Vancouver Society in Support of Democratic Movement (VSSDM) arranged a showing of the film at downtown’s VIFF, attracting a full house as well as rapturous response from the audience. Following the showing, director Twinkle Ngan, who currently resides in the United Kingdom and Simon Lee, former columnist for Next Media and executive of Next Digital, interacted with the audience using internet video connection, and was extremely well-received by the audience.


Like other films that document the struggles of that fateful year, this 107-minute film recorded the ins and outs of the events that transpired during the struggles. The most unique feature of Love in the Time of Revolution is to look at the stories of many anonymous characters who took part in the struggles. These Hong Kongers of varying backgrounds, because of their love of Hong Kong and their identification as Hong Kongers, took to the streets and risked their lives, forming the front line of the struggle.


Among these activists was a leader who, with his face hidden and in spite of the meticulousness of planning, encountered limitations in every stage of the anti-extradition protests; he did not give up because of this lack of immediate results, but bravely continued to lead comrades-in-arms in their struggles.


A deep impression was also made by a couple of young lovers who supported and encouraged each other. In the midst of danger, they still joked with each other, the young girl facetiously saying that the boy always rushed to the front line, and had a “hero complex”; the young boy joked that the young lady ran too slowly, and was a hindrance to them.


An old man who, in his youth, was member of a gang, also showed concern for the young people’s struggles. Not only did he take part in the protests, he also provided material aids, as well as sharing his experience with the young people from someone who had “been there”. He said that today’s Hong Kong Police is worse than the gang members of his youth.


Another unforgettable scene tells the story of a young female student of Nepalese origin. Speaking impeccable Cantonese, she joined the front lines of the protests, and became a comrade-in-arms, completing the rite of passage of her identification as a Hong Konger.


It is precisely these “ordinary” Hong Kongers, risking their lives, going through the baptism of tear gas, fulfilled their own sense of responsibility.


Among the many tumultuous episodes of that year, the focus of the film zeroed in on the events during “the siege of (Hong Kong) Polytechnic” in November. Director Twinkle Ngan spent days and nights with the students involved, recorded close-up the students’ tactics of using Molotov cocktails to repel the police’s armour cars. In addition, the film also documents the disagreements among the students, as well as how Hong Kong citizens rushed to render assistance during the 13 days when the police “sieged” the Polytechnic University.


Before the showing of the film, there was a prelude showing a documentary of the history of VSSDM, introducing the many events from the past 35 years, highlighting VSSDM’s will and determination to memorialize June 4th, and its long struggle against the Chinese Communist Party’s totalitarian regime.


Following the film, VSSDM chairperson Mabel Tung chatted with director Twinkle Ngan and Simon Lee, former columnist for Next Media and executive of Next Digital, in a question-and-answer session. Director Ngan explained the fate of several frontline characters in the film which the audience was most concerned about.

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