December 29, 2021
Joint Statement of 18 Canadian organizations on the blatant attack on press freedom in Hong Kong with the arrests of six journalists and executives of Stand News

In an egregious assault on freedom of speech and human rights, over 200 Hong Kong national security police raided the offices of non-profit online news platform Stand News and the home of Ronson Chan, the Chair of the Hong Kong Journalists Association in the early morning of December 29. Six journalists and executives associated with Stand News were arrested for “conspiracy to publish seditious publications” including Acting Chief Editor Patrick Lam, Deputy Editor Ronson Chan, former Chief Editor Chung Pui-Kuen, former board members Chow Tat-chi, former legislator and lawyer Margaret Ng, Christine Fong, and activist pop singer Denise Ho, a Canadian citizen working in Hong Kong. Within 12 hours of the arrests, Stand News was forced to shut down and its media content was erased.


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Removing the pillar of shame won’t remove our memory of the Tiananmen Massacre

An iconic piece of public art that had been on display at the University of Hong Kong campus for 24 years - the Pillar of Shame - was demolished on Thursday the 23rd. The Chinese University’s Goddess of Democracy and the June 4th memorial at Lingnam University, suffered the same fate of being demolished and removed on the 24th. Within 24 hrs, three crucial June 4th reminders disappeared overnight. However, such actions would not take away our history, our will, and our fighting spirit. With the aid of technology, we continue to memorialize this shameful incident, with our online June 4th museum. Please visit this site and spread the word among your friends and fellow believers in freedom and democracy, by clicking here.

photo credits: 立場新聞, 嶺大學生會

Heading 1

Call for Former Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin to Step Down from Hong Kong Final Court of Appeal 

2021.11.22   No Beijing Winter Olympics 2022

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薪火 2021年11月 第128期

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 June 4th Memory & Human Rights Museum

The Hong Kong Humanitarian Fund - Vancouver
A fund to help Hong Kong Pro-Democracy protesters in Canada to obtain refugee status.