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On China National Day, more than 300 people in Vancouver protested against CCP infiltration

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

【Vancouver News】

On October 1, a miniature coffin was placed at the door of the Chinese Consulate in Vancouver, with a bouquet of white flowers placed on the coffin. At one end of the coffin is a black-and-white "posthumous portrait" of the current leader of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping, dressed in Manchu-style clothing. There is the word "Dian" on it, and four characters "Never be reborn" written below. The ground is scattered with ghost papers. Another five-star red flag of the Chinese Communist Party was spread on the ground, allowing demonstrators and pedestrians to step on it.

This day is the 74th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. At around two o'clock in the afternoon that day, more than 300 Vancouver citizens gathered in front of the Chinese Consulate to protest against the evil CCP and the Xi Jinping administration. The above scene occurred.

Mabel Lee, chairman of VSSDM, one of the activist groups, condemned in her speech the CCP's perverse actions, which have brought serious disasters to China over the past decades. In recent years, Hong Kong, once the Pearl of the Orient, has become worse than a colony. In this miserable world, countless pro-democracy activists have been imprisoned and sentenced, and many young people who love Hong Kong have been forced to flee overseas. Not only that, the CCP’s influence has penetrated overseas, and Canada has also suffered greatly. The CCP’s interference occurred in the previous two federal elections. She urged the Canadian government to take the initiative and take action to cut off the CCP's infiltration.

Mabel Lee also called on citizens to actively sign the petition urging the Canadian government to close Chinese police stations and crack down on foreign infiltration.

Tenzin Sangmo, a representative of "Free Tibet" (Free Tibet), led the Tibetan compatriots participating in the rally to sing the "Song of Human Rights in Tibet" in Tibetan. This female college student, wearing a Tibetan flag, loudly exposed the CCP's establishment of labor camps in Tibet and its genocide against the Tibetan people. She loudly said to the CCP rulers: Enough of your evil deeds!

The eight community organizations that launched the protest include Chinese, Filipinos, Hong Kong immigrants, Indians, Taiwanese communities, Tibetan communities and Uighurs. Representatives of multiple groups took the stage to deliver speeches.

Before the rally, one of the organizing groups, "Vancouver Brothers", also held a demonstration in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery in downtown Vancouver. They then marched from the city center to the Chinese Consulate. Along the way, they "Down with the Communist Party" and "Tried Xi Jinping." The roars of "Get the CCP out of Canada" kept coming. The Vancouver police deployed a large number of police officers to clear the way for the march to ensure the safety of the protest.

The climax of the event was after the speech. The crowd burned what the demonstrators called the "five-starred (star) red flag" in front of Xi Jinping's "coffin." As the smoke rose, several demonstrators threw the paper in their hands. Going inside the Chinese Consulate is like holding a funeral for the CCP.


Mabel Lee, chairman of the VSSDM, urges the Canadian federal government to take action to cut off the CCP’s infiltration.

Tenzin Sangmo, a representative of "Free Tibet".

Speech by a representative of the Vancouver China Association for the Promotion of Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights.

Representative of the Youth Association of the Republic of China in Canada.

Representative of "Friends of Canada and India".

Protesters held a funeral for Xi Jinping.

Men in black scattered ghost papers inside the Chinese Consulate.

The streets outside the Chinese Consulate are plastered with portraits mocking Xi Jinping, ready to be trampled on.

Protest scene.


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