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Sang Pu and Giggs Vancouver Free to Chat

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Laughter amidst Tears - There is urgency to aid our comrades-in-arms

Sang Pu and Giggs Conversation in Vancouver attracted more than 200

Famous Hong Kong Internet channel partners Sang Pu and Giggs, after a three-year separation, reunited on Sunday (August 6th) in a Vancouver hotel and held a mesmerizing conversation, with tears and laughter, deeply affecting the more than 200 participants who took part in the event.

At 2:00 p.m., the dialogue kicked off with Sang Pu describing the advent of their collaboration, saying that between the two, one is gentle, and the other rough, and thereby complementing each other. From their beginning D100's "Peking Restaurant" to the YouTube show "Fairyland of Mainland China"; the collaboration between the two was always flawless, making them the perfect partners. Giggs would occasionally interject with clever puns, making the audience roared with laughter.

Because of the suppression of the 2019 anti-extradition movement, the passing of the 2020 National Security Law, the fate of many Hong Kongers have been forever changed; as well, it disbanded their collaboration on their internet programme. Out of options, Sang Pu relocated to Taiwan, and currently acts as chairman of the Taiwan Hong Kong Association, and continues to speak for Hong Kongers, as well as those who had moved to Taiwan.

Giggs then shared the story of how he helped many comrades-in-arms, initiating the fundraising programme, "Thousands of Fathers and Mothers", with the original plan of raising HK$1000 donation from each parent. The project was a great success and received more than HK$10 million in donations. The overwhelming success of the programme angered the Hong Kong government, which prosecuted him of money-laundering, and sentenced him to a jail term of 32 months. Giggs told of his difficult life in jail, as well as the fate of many others who are incarcerated.

There is a saying that, tears don't shed easily, but it is only because we had not been truly touched. Every time Giggs talked about his fellow inmates, about their difficulties they face, about Hong Kong's current situation, he would invariably shed much tears, deeply moving all who were present.

In April of this year, Giggs came to Canada, reunited with his wife and daughter, and settled in Vancouver. He said that upon arriving in Canada, he chose to continue the struggle, continue his online channel to firmly and fearlessly speak for Hong Kongers. At present, he is still continuing his assistance towards the tuition of many comrades-in-arms in Taiwan, Canada, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, aiding them in furthering their education.

Afterwards, Sang Pu and Giggs talked about how they are helping comrades-in-arms, and exchanged their experiences. Sang Pu summed up the things that we could possibly do: to start with small things, to build from small to large; credit for helping our comrades should go to the local governments and not to use this as a mean to promote oneself. For those living in exile, it is important to retain our own selves, not to make a career out of being a democracy advocate, and to be hopeful about Hong Kong's future. It is important not to be limited by the concept of Greater China that only emerged very recently , but to have a consensus on a common declaration for the future of Hong Kong, as well as to have a concrete plan for Hong Kong's democracy movement.

In the question-and-answer session that followed, the two responded to the audience's queries, and shared their views on the identity of Hong Kongers, as well as the overseas Hong Kong Parliament, among others.

Mabel Tung, Chairperson of the Vancouver Society in Support of Democratic Movement, presided over this conversation and dialogue.


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