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VSSDM Express Support for Mr. Jimmy Lai

We, members of the Vancouver Society in Support of the Democratic Movement, would like to clearly state our unwavering support for Mr. Jimmy Lai at the outset of his trial. Mr. Lai dedicated his life to the goal of freedom and democracy in Hong Kong, and for his efforts, he was unlawfully incarcerated. We appeal to members of the international community to exert pressure on the Hong Kong government for Mr. Lai’s unconditional release. China has completely broken its promise - witnessed by the entire world - of "one country, two systems". Today’s Hong Kong is a society governed not by the rule of law but rather by a system of "rule by law". This is unacceptable behavior on the international stage by a country that claims to be a responsible member of the community of nations. We urge the Canadian government to call out China for its unacceptable and belligerent stance regarding Mr. Jimmy Lai.


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