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Free Jimmy Lai

Jimmy Lai is currently on trial, facing trumped-up charges that include “collusion with foreign forces”. The trial is not just about Mr. Jimmy Lai or Apple Daily. It is also about the spirit of the 2019 Hong Kong democracy movement, one that represents an entire young generation of 2 million who marched on the streets on June 15th, 2019. Furthermore, it underscores the fundamental values of freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

To understand more about Jimmy Lai, please watch the film The Hongkonger - Jimmy Lai’s extraordinary struggle for freedom. The film is available for free online:


  • Please stay informed about the situation in Hong Kong.

  • Urge our government to stand firm to the Chinese Communist Party and join international voices in calling for the release of Jimmy Lai. If he is convicted under the National Security Law, he will face a lifetime sentence in prison.


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