Gregory Wong #SJBS Hoodie fund raising for Ukraine

Gregory Wong [手足不散SJBS 」apparel has especially produced an embroidered badge with the flag of Ukraine, and along with all our comrades-in-arm in Hong Kong, is holding a fund-raising sale of hoodies. All proceeds, after costs, will be donated in total to assist the people of Ukraine in the rebuilding of their homeland.

Bros and Sis in Vancouver: Please order at VSSDM for local pickup.

Bros and Sis in Toronto: Processing fee is waived to pickup at CanHKer-arranged locations.

Bros and Sis in Australia: Please order at Kong Yeah.
Bros and Sis in UK: Please order at Footstop.

For merchandize ordering, please click on the photo of the item below to continue. We accept payments by E-Transfer, Credit cards, Debit cards and PayPal.