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 New Designer Products Launched

Designed in Japan, made in Taiwan and executed in Hong Kong (hence aka “JTHK”), this project is an unprecedented collaboration of Hongkongers all over the world. Together, this group of talented, young and energetic Hongkongers have delivered great work to make this project possible.

Message from VHKPoActs:

Project R recently launched a new series of JTHK T-Shirts and Hoodies. VHKPoActs cooperated with them to bring these products to Vancouver so we can carry the spirit of the Hong Kong movement to our daily lives in Vancouver.

Each purchased product will contribute HK$50 to the Recovery Fund, which provides financial assistance to protestors in Hong Kong who suffered from protest-related PTSD or other mental issues to receive professional psychological therapy in confidential settings.

Hongkongers brought the movement to different platforms. We are building an economic ecosystem comprising pro-democracy businesses, groups and individuals. Our goal is to emerge as an economic, social and cultural power that embraces universal values, thrives globally and is respected by the world.

Through this campaign, we would like to connect with businesses and individuals who share our values and mission. We aim to show the world there exists alternative supply chains that are free from the control of authoritarian regimes. Outside that regime, Hongkongers and everyone on the globe are able to produce beautiful products with sustainability and high quality.

款式Product (尺碼size available: XS / S / M / L / XL):

Hoodie ($79, tax + shipping included)

T-shirt ($51, tax + shipping included)




暗戀版 SOUL

明就明日常版 ROUTE

Order cut off date: Dec 15th (Tue)

Estimate order arrival date: Before mid-January 2021 (might take longer than usual due to the COVID-19)

Payment method: e-transfer only, please PM us for detail

Pick up points will be available for Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby. For other areas or delivery, please contact us.



Please PM (FB/ Telegram/ Instagram) or email us to order:


姓名 Name: (不用提供真實姓名 You can choose to put a nickname instead of your real name.)


E-mail address: (將用於其後聯絡你 Will be used to contacting you in the future.)


面交地點Prefer Pick Up Location: 烈治文 / 温哥華 / 本那比Vancouver / Richmond / Burnaby


訂單Order: 款式Product, 尺碼Size (設計圖案Designs) x Qty

(example: Hoodie, S (Be Water) x 1)


Contact us:

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Facebook page: @VHKPoActs



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Location: Vancouver B.C. Canada

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