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6.12 Stand with Hong Kong Rally 並肩支持香港反對國安法集會

Stand with Hong Kong Rally

2:00 – 2:30 pm, June 13, 2020 Saturday

Art Gallery, Vancouver

Wear black, bring an umbrella, wear a mask.We will be opening our umbrellas in memory. Please respect physical distancing.

On June 9, 2019, a million people rallied in Hong Kong, followed by tens of thousands blocking the Legislative Council session on June 12, police fired more than 240 tear gas, rubber and bean bag bullets to the crowd. On June 17, 2019, the city witnessed the largest rally in her history of 2 million people. The tumultuous week of rallies and protest were directed at a proposed extradition law which would send Hong Kong citizens to China for trial of a number of accused crimes. The rally started a year-long protest that still persists to this day.

The rally and protests are clear demonstration that Hong Kong people resist vehemently the encroachment of their independent judicial system by the party-controlled legal system of China. An independent judicial system is enshrined by the “One Country Two Systems” principle in The Sino-British Joint Declaration of 1984.

Less than 20 days ago in 2020, the Chinese Communist Party controlled National People’s Congress in Beijing adopted a resolution to draft and impose a national security law, to be enforced by the secret police - Chinese National Security Bureau stationed in Hong Kong. This will put Hong Kong people under the claws of the Chinese secret police and subject them to unfair trail in the party-controlled courts of China.

This is a clear and overt violation of The Sino-British Joint Declaration signed by China and the United Kingdom and filed with the United Nations. China is turning Hong Kong into “One country,One system” under direct control of the Chinese Communist Party.

Hong Kong people urgently need international support to resist China’s tightening grip. They will rally on the anniversary of last year’s protests and rallies in Hong Kong. The Vancouver rally on June 13, 2020 is part of a worldwide campaign to show solidarity with the Hong Kong people, to condemn China’s encroachment and its reneging on its promises to Hong Kong and the international community.


2020年6月13日星期六, 下午2- 2:30點

溫哥華藝術館 Art Gallery


去年的6月9日,100萬香港人遊行, 6月12日以萬計市民包圍立法會,成功阻止立法會開會,警方發射240枚以上的催淚彈,橡膠子彈和布袋彈;6月17日,200萬香港人參與了開埠以來最大的遊行。市民遊行和包圍立法會目的是反對政府提出的中國引渡條例。 該條例會把若干罪名的被告引渡到中國受審。遊行展開了到現在還持續的抗爭。


就在不到20天前,中國共產黨控制的全國人民大會在北京通過決議案,要訂立在香港執行的國家安全法,並由北京派秘密警察 – 國家安全局進駐香港執行該法律。 這將把香港人置於秘密警察和党控制的法庭的爪下。


香港需要國際支援來反抗中國共產黨的蠶食吞併控制。 香港人將於6月12日兩個大遊行周年時,在香港舉行反國安法遊行。 溫哥華6月13日的集會是全世界顯示與香港人並肩反對國安法,聲討北京背棄國際條約承諾,蠶食吞併控制香港的獨立施法制度。


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