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向民主女神像獻花 照片集( UBC ) Wreath Laying at the statue of the Goddess of Democracy

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

On June 2, the wreath laying ceremony was held at 12 noon at UBC.

It was joint event with AMS ( UBC student council ) to remember the thousands of students and civilians who died in Tiananmen Square in 1989.


AMS President : Chris Hakim 

VSSDM Chair : Mabel Tung

Freedom & Democracy  for China:  Louis Huang

MP, Jenny Kwan: Represented by 列國遠 Former-MLA Richard Lee

UBC Professor ( Retired ): Diana Larry.

Representative of Dr. Thomas Perry


這是和 UBC 學生會 (AMS) 合辦的活動


UBC 學生會主席: Chris Hakim



溫哥華中國人權關注組 : Louis Huang

UBC 退休教授 : Diana Larry

時間: 中午十二時至下午一时 地點: UBC 學生會大樓後方民主女神像

Vancouver Sun Report:


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