Fundraising Event (Vancouver)

For VSSDM Humanitarian Fund

This fundraising event is to support HK asylum seekers in Canada. 100% of the net proceeds will be donated to Vancouver Society In Support of Democratic Movement (VSSDM)'s Hong Kong Humanitarian Fund - Vancouver.
"Ain't no hero from nowhere, but only mortal who dare"

Hong Kong has devolved into the dark ages, and the future is only going to get darker from here. From 2019 summer till now, many protesters have fled Hong Kong for refuge in democratic nations such as Taiwan, Canada, Germany, UK, USA, etc. These protesters aren't the "heroes" with media exposure, but rather they are merely "mortals" who sacrificed themselves to defend their homeland. Many of them have arrived in Canada, and looking to rebuild their life and future in this free nation.

Four painting posters and a 2021 calendar by Ricker Choi will be available for sale:
1. Siege of the Chinese University of Hong Kong
2. Save the 12 HK Youth
3. The Kiss
4. Fast and Furious (2020 July 1st)

- L (24x18"): $30 CAD
- M (8x12"): $10 CAD
- Calendar: $20 CAD
*Order deadline is Nov 29.

100% of the donation (net proceeds after cost) will be donated to VSSDM's Hong Kong Humanitarian Fund - Vancouver.

Regarding the details of the fund, you can visit this URL:

Please don't hesitate to reach out (direct message) to the Toronto HK Network Facebook page:


Location: Vancouver B.C. Canada

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