Mr. Thomas Bach
President, International Olympic Committee
Route de Vidy 9
1007 Lausanne

8 September 2020
Dear Mr. Bach,
We, a coalition of human rights groups representing Tibetan, Uyghur, Southern Mongolian, Hongkonger, Taiwanese, and Chinese people, along with other international human rights organisations, write to you ahead of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Executive Board meeting on 9th September 2020, to urge the IOC to reverse its mistake in awarding Beijing the honor of hosting the Winter Olympic Games in 2022.

As a member of the IOC in the period 2001 to 2008, you will no doubt recall the extensive dialogue human rights campaigners held with your Presidential predecessor, Jacques Rogge, and senior IOC staff over the controversial decision to award Beijing the 2008 Summer Olympic Games. The result was failure: the IOC’s reputation was indelibly tarnished by its mistaken belief that the 2008 Olympics would work to improve China’s human rights record. In reality the prestige of hosting the Olympic Games merely emboldened the Chinese government’s actions and, since then, we have witnessed a gross increase on the assault on communities living under its rule: the construction of an Orwellien surveillance state in occupied Tibet, the incarceration of between 1.8 to 3 million Uyghurs, the recent demolition of ‘One Country Two Systems’ in Hong Kong that breach multiple international laws and the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the erasure of Southern Mongolian culture and language, the ongoing military intimidation and geopolitical bullying of Taiwan, and the detention,

disappearance and death of countless Chinese lawyers, feminists, democracy activists, and anyone else deemed a threat by the Chinese Communist Party. 
Despite appeals from frontline communities and human rights groups, the IOC has repeated the same mistakes as the past and remained unresponsive to evidence of the sharp decline in human rights protections before and after the 2008 Games in Beijing; evidence that illustrates that the 2022 Games will also have no positive impact on China’s adherence to human rights standards, and could even contribute to more repression. 

The IOC must recognize that the Olympic spirit and the reputation of the Olympic Games will suffer further damage if the worsening human rights crisis, across all areas under China’s control, is simply ignored. 
We implore the Committee to reverse its past mistakes and to urgently demonstrate that it has the political will to abide by the Olympic Charter’s core principles about “human dignity.”  The IOC must not allow its moral authority to be put in jeopardy again.

We request the opportunity to meet with you, and other Committee Members, to discuss our serious concerns and receive your assurances that you will revoke your decision to allow Beijing to host the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. Please contact us via to discuss a meeting with coalition representatives. 

Yours sincerely,

Mandie McKeown, Campaigns Coordinator, International Tibet Network, on behalf of the following 165 global organisations:
Anterrashtriya Bharat – Tibbet Sahyog Samiti
Bharrat Tibbat Sahyog Manch, India
Circle of Friends (Philippines)
Core Group for Tibetan Cause, India
Dream for Children, Japan
Foundation for Universal Responsibility 
Free Indo-Pacific Alliance
Gu Chu Sum Movement Association of Tibet
西藏台灣人權連線 Human Rights Network for Tibet and Taiwan
India Tibet Friendship Society
Japan Association of Monks for Tibet (Super Sangha)
National Campaign for Tibetan Support, India
National Democratic Party of Tibet
Roof of the World Foundation, Indonesia
世界南蒙古大會 South Mongolia Congress
Students for a Free Tibet Japan
Students for a Free Tibet India
Students for a Free Tibet Taiwan
Taiwan Friends of Tibet
台灣廢除死刑推動聯盟 Taiwan Alliance to End the Death Penalty
臺灣東突厥斯坦協會 Taiwan East Turkistan Association
Taiwan Association of Human Rights
Taiwan Forever Association
在台西藏人福利協會 Taiwan Tibetan Welfare Association
The Youth Liberation Front of Tibet, Mongolia and Turkestan
Tibet Lives, India
Tibet Support Group Kiku, Japan
Tibetan Youth Congress
Tibetan Women’s Association (Central)
North America: 
Association Cognizance Tibet, North Carolina
Bauhinia Project
Bay Area Friends of Tibet
Boston Tibet Network
Campaign for Uyghurs
Capital Area Tibetan Association
Canada Tibet Committee
China Against Death Penalty
Chushi Gangdruk
Citizen Power Initiatives for China
Committee of 100 for Tibet
Democratic Party of China (DPC)
Free Kazakhs
Humanitarian China
Inner Mongolia Party
Independent Federation of Chinese Students and Scholars
International Campaign for Tibet
International Tibet Independence Movement
Keep Taiwan Free 
Lamp of Liberty
Lion Rock Cafe
Santa Barbara Friends of Tibet
Seattle Uyghur Association of Victoria
Sierra Friends of Tibet
Southern Mongolian Human Right Information Center
Students for a Free Tibet
Students for a Free Tibet – Canada
Stand With Hong Kong
Tibet Action Institute
Tibet Committee of Fairbanks
Tibetan Community of New York and New Jersey
Tibet Justice Center
Tibetan Association of Ithaca
Tibetan Association of Northern California
Tibetan Association of Philadelphia
Tibetan Cultural Association – Quebec
Tibetans of Mixed Heritage
Torontonian HongKongers Action Group
San Francisco Hongkongers 
U.S. Tibet Committee
United Nations for a Free Tibet (UNFFT)
Uyghur American Association
Uyghur Human Rights Project
Vancouver Society in Support of Democratic Movement 
Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation
Vietnamese Heritage and Freedom Flag Movement,
We the Hong Konger
青年宪政会Youth for Free China
Australian Association Uyghur Academy
Australia Tibet Council
Australian Uyghur Association
Defend Democracy Group
East Turkistan Australian Association
Friends of Tibet New Zealand
Sakya Trinley Ling
Tibet Action Group of Western Australia
Tibet Support Group Adelaide – Australia
Tibetan Community of Victoria
Tibetan Community, Queensland
Africa and Middle East:
Israeli Friends of the Tibetan People
Tibet Support Group Kenya
Tibet Society of South Africa
Tibet Rescue Initiative in Africa
Africa HongKong France Movement
Aide aux Refugies Tibetains
Association Drôme Ardèche-Tibet
Associazione Italia-Tibet
Briancon05 Urgence Tibet
Casa del Tibet – Spain
Comite de Apoyo al Tibet (CAT)
Czechs Support Tibet
EcoTibet Ireland
Fight for Freedom, Stand With Hong Kong
Free Tibet
Free Tibet Vienna
Friends of Tibet in Finland
Grupo de Apoio ao Tibete, Portugal
Hong Kong Committee, Norway
International Society for Human Rights - Sweden
International Society of Human Rights, Munich Chapter (IGFM)
Les Amis du Tibet – Belgium
Le Comité pour la Liberté à Hong-Kong
Les Amis du Tibet Luxembourg
Lions Des Neiges Mont Blanc, France
Lungta Association Belgium
Maison des Himalayas
Maison du Tibet – Tibet Info
Norwegian Tibet Committee
Objectif Tibet
Passeport Tibetain
Phagma Drolma-Arya Tara
Save Tibet, Austria
Save Tibet Foundation
Society for Threatened Peoples International
Students for a Free Tibet Denmark
Students for a Free Tibet – France
Students for a Free Tibet – UK
Swedish Tibet Committee
Swiss Tibetan Friendship Association (GSTF)
Tibet cesky
Tashi Delek Bordeaux
Tibet Initiative Deutschland
Tibet Society
Tibet Support Group - Ireland
Tibet Support Group – Netherlands
Tibet Support Group – Slovenia
Tibet Support Committee Denmark
Tibetan Community Austria
Tibetan Community in Britain
Tibetan Community in Denmark
Tibetan Community of Italy
Tibetan Community in Ireland
Tibetan Community Sweden
Tibetan Association of Germany
Tibetan Programme of The Other Space Foundation
Tibetan Youth Association in Europe
Tibetisches Zentrum Hamburg
World Uyghur Congress
Latin America: 
Amigos de Tibet, Colombia
Amigos del Tíbet, Chile 
Amigos del Tibet, El Salvador
Asociación Cultural Peruano Tibetana 
Asociación Cultural Tibetano Costarricense
Associação Pachamama
Casa Tibet México
Centro De Cultura Tibetana, Brazil 
Friends of Tibet in Costa Rica
Le Club Français, Paraguay
RangZen:Movimento Tibete Livre, Brazil
Tibet Mx 
Tibet Group, Panama
Tíbet Patria Libre, Uruguay
Voces de Tibet
World League for Freedom and Democracy