Say NO to China Money 

Sept 25, 2019


Dear Friends


On May 13, 2019, the Chinese Consulate General in Vancouver met with Arjun Singh, President of Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) and other representatives to discuss cooperative opportunities between China and the province of B.C.   In this year’s UBCM convention, as with the past 7 years, a reception will be hosted by the Chinese Consulate-General in Vancouver to wine and dine with all of B.C.’s municipal elected officials.


We are here to send a strong message to our local politicians that, accepting the China money has been a mistake, and this mistake carries consequences.  The Communist China is one of the most ruthless authoritarian regimes in its suppression of freedom and human rights of its own people.   Outwardly, according to the Canadian intelligence agency, China has been aggressively seeking access to and influencing our elected officials in formulating Canada’s public policies.  Behind the thin veil of economic cooperation and cultural exchange, their nefarious intentions could not be mistaken. The Chinese Communist Party will use all means at its disposal to infiltrate our government, thus undermining the democratic principles on which this country is built.


Tonight, as our local elected officials rub shoulders with the representative of a hostile foreign state, let us remind them, there are two Canadians detained for months in China without just cause, China is imposing punitive tariffs on Canadian canola oil and Canadian pork, as a retaliation of Canada arresting the CFO of their telecom giant Huawei.


We must also tell them, as Canadian publicly elected officials, it is their duty to protect Canadian values and interests, their allegiance lies with Canada and no other, the power bestowed upon them by the people who elected them will judge them by their actions.  They must say NO to China money in funding their activities.


Lastly, to Arjun Singh and all UBCM representatives behind these doors, it is illegal to accept donation of any kind, cash or service, from any foreign entity in an election campaign.  It is also illegal to accept substantial gifts from any local or foreign entity without proper disclosure.  


We will be watching you.