VSSDM Strongly Condemns the removal of four pro-democracy Hong Kong legislators statement


Vancouver Society in Support of Democratic Movement (VSSDM) strongly condemns Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for its rude intervention of the internal affairs of Hong Kong.  With a resolution of its National People's Congress (NPC) Standing Committee,CCP directed Hong Kong Government to disqualify four democratic Legislative Councilors Mr Alvin Yeung, Mr Dennis Kwok, Mr Kwok Ka-ki and Mr Kenneth Leung.  The disqualification was done on 11 November on a malicious pretext that the four had threatened national security.  It is another sinful act of CCP after its rapid enactment of the National Security Law in Hong Kong.  The disqualification formally denotes the demise of the so-called“One Country Two Systems”.


The resolution breaches Basic Law and makes Legislative Council of Hong Kong serve as a rubber stamp as NPC.  Its intent is to silence opposition and make the legislature illegitimate.


VSSDM at the same time supports the mass resignation of Pro-democratic Legislative Councilors from the legislature in Hong Kong, in a way to tear off the mask of CCP.


History tells us CCP has never kept its word.  It is a anti-human criminal syndicate putting human safety and world peace at peril.  It is our common enemy. 


VSSDM will continue to urge all societies to envisage the brutality of CCP and its damage to human beings.