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I am writing to ask for your support in calling for the International Olympic Committee to move the 2022 Winter Games out of Beijing.


Today, the world watches in horror and disbelief as the People’s Republic of China continues its brutal suppression and violation of basic human rights – the genocide of the Uyghurs, forced Sinicization of the Tibetan and Mongolian people, and a complete breach of the Sino-British Joint Declaration in Hong Kong, where citizens are arrested and imprisoned for being even remotely involved with any form of democracy movement, under the broad definition of the all-encompassing National Security Law. In addition, Canadians Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig continue to be illegally held as hostages in China. This is not the behaviour of a responsible member of the community of nations.


Canada must work with our allies to move the 2022 Winter Olympics to a country that respects human rights, democracy and freedom. Doing any less would be a violation of Olympic Charter, which states that the games are based on “fundamental ethical principles, with a view to promoting a peaceful society concerned with the preservation of human dignity.”


May I remind you that in 1936, the world allowed Nazi Germany to host the Olympic games, thereby giving Adolf Hitler respectability and a platform to be in the international spotlight. We must not allow such a travesty to happen again. Allowing Canadian athletes to participate in an Olympics in Beijing would be subjecting them to be used as propaganda tools for the Chinese Communist Party, and making a mockery of the true spirit of the Olympic games.


I urge you to add your voice of support to this initiative, and show the world that Canada is a nation that stands for human rights, freedom and democracy, a country that speaks for the oppressed and downtrodden, as well as those who are unable to speak for themselves. If the world does not wake up to China’s naked ambitions, we may live to regret our inaction very soon.


Sincerely yours,

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