October 16, 2019


The convenor of Hong Kong’s Civil Human Rights Front (CHRF) Mr Jimmy Sham Tsz-kit was violently attacked by five unidentified men, at 7:40 pm on 16th (Hong Kong Time), leading to his body seriously injured.  Vancouver Society in Support of Democratic Movement (VSSDM) strongly condemns the assailants' violence.  We urge Hong Kong Police immediately brings the assailants into justice.


As revealed, Mr Sham was attacked on Arran Lane in Mongkok by five assailants with hammers at the aforesaid time when he was on the way to a meeting in Mongkok .  His head and arms were seriously injured.  VSSDM believes the intent of the attack is to create a chilling effect to severely attack the freedom of assembly in Hong Kong.


CHRF is aimed at promoting democracy and human rights.  They fight for full universal suffrage for the Chief Executive and the Legislative Councils.

VSSDM wishes Mr. Shum a full and speedy recovery.


Liberate Hong Kong; revolution of our times.



Vancouver Society in Support of Democratic Movement

October 4, 2019


【Global Statement Against the Use of Emergency Regulation Ordinance】

On 4th of October, the Hong Kong government introduced the Prohibition on Face Covering Regulation (the "Anti-Mask Law") under the Emergency Regulation Ordinance (Cap. 241), which bans people from wearing any kind of face concealment, such as masks and face paint at public assemblies, except for those required for work, medical, or religious reasons. The Emergency Regulations Ordinance (“ERO”), a remnant of the colonial era, gives the Chief Executive unrestrained power in enacting laws without consulting the legislature, as long as the Chief Executive claims there is an "emergency or public danger." The use of the ERO today opens a door towards arbitrary enactments of any regulations deemed "necessary" by the Hong Kong government. The Anti-Mask Law has come into effect by midnight (GMT+8) on Saturday 5th October, and will only be vetted by lawmakers later.

The abrupt announcement came about as Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam and the administration seek to put an end to nearly four months of protests, not by respecting the people's demands, but by totalitarian means.

This came as a part of the aftermath from last Thursday's town hall meeting, with Carrie Lam attempting to hold “open dialogues” with Hongkongers.

The announcement of the Anti-Mask Law, now widely seen as a severe blow to the legislative integrity and the rights of Hongkongers, exposes Carrie Lam's false claim to listen to the people, and directly contradicted with the tone she set just one week ago. The introduction of the Anti-Mask Law will further threaten the already damaged basic human rights and freedom of Hongkongers.

The Anti-Mask Law will also allow police officers to search any individual with their face concealed. The announcement of such regulation is a gesture of tolerance, and even encouragement, towards the rampant abuse of power by the Hong Kong police. After four months of continual abuse of power by the Hong Kong Police against the protesters, instead of seeking truth and justice, the government is further empowering the Police with higher degree of brutality, even rationalizing their crimes under the law.

As seen on the streets across Hong Kong on the eve where the Anti-Mask Law will come into effect, invoking the ERO will only further escalate and intensify the current crisis and create more severe problems. Oppression will not be accepted as a “solution” or answers to the calls or the public. For months, Hongkongers have reiterated the ideal way to put an end to the current crisis: "Five Demands, Not One Less." And yet, the Hong Kong government rejects the suggestions for a peaceful end to the confrontation and opts for a totalitarian crackdown instead.

Hongkongers overseas will continue to stand united with Hong Kong protesters in their fight for a free and democratic Hong Kong. We strongly condemn the Hong Kong government's continuous attempts to silence and crack down on the voices of the people. We demand the government to withdraw the use of the totalitarian ERO. We call for the international community to closely monitor the developments in Hong Kong, and act accordingly with policies that will help Hongkongers to reclaim the freedom and democracy that everyone deserves.


October 1, 2019

VSSDM denounces the shooting of teenage protestor by Hong Kong Police


October 1 is the 70th anniversary of the blood tyrannical reign of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) over The People’s Republic of China.


However, the people of Hong Kong, based on their audacity and conscience, marched on the streets to demonstrate that the day is not a national celebration but a day of national mourning and grief.  After the return of Hong Kong to the CCP rule, the CCP had violated the Joint Declaration between the United Kingdom and China and the Hong Kong Basic Law and intervened into the internal affairs of Hong Kong.  This led to the deterioration of the governance of Hong Kong which led to mass protest in the last 3-4 months..


On October 1, 2019, the Hong Kong protestors endured yet another brutal suppression by the Hong Kong Police.  A high school student protestor was shot at point blank range at the chest by a Hong Kong policeman.  There are numerous other well documented brutalities by the Hong Kong Police (For a collection of some of the HK Police brutalities, please go to: https://lih.kg/1597996 ) .  


The Vancouver Society for Support of Democratic Movement hereby denounces the CCP controlled HK government and HK Policy committing such atrocity.  The VSSDM urges the world to support the Hong Kong people’s fight for democracy.

August 30th, 2019

Global Solidarity statement against arrests and physical assaults on pro-democracy activists

We are outraged by the targeted arrests of Hong Kong pro-democracy activists starting on 30 August, including: Demosisto members Joshua Wong and Agnes Chow, former HKU Student Union president Althea Suen, district councillor Rick Hui, lawmaker Cheng Chung-tai and pro-independence party leader Andy Chan. 

Yesterday, pro-democracy activists Jimmy Sham (convenor of the Civil Human Rights Front CHRF) and Max Chung (organiser of the Yuen Long protests) were viciously attacked by thugs with knives and metal poles. A reporter and a civilian were also injured trying to protect them.

These arrests and targeted assaults follow in the wake of over 900 arrests of protesters since the start of the anti-extradition movement in June. There are verified reports of systematic police violence and torture of detainees, as well as denial of access to legal counsel, in blatant contravention of the rights guaranteed to Hongkongers by the Sino-British Joint Declaration, the Hong Kong Basic Law, and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

The timing of these arrests and attacks, combined with the ban on the large August 31 protest planned by CHRF, is a clear and cowardly attempt by the Hong Kong and Chinese governments to spread “white terror” and intimidate Hongkongers into submission. 

Over 25 Global Solidarity events have been planned to coincide with the banned August 31 march. Our determination to stand with Hong Kong in the face of political suppression and authoritarian intimidation has never been stronger. Our freedoms of expression and assembly are under grievous assault, but Hongkongers will not be cowed.

Hong Kong is on the forefront of the global battle against authoritarianism for human rights and democracy. We call on the international community to stand with Hong Kong!

August 12, 2019

【Global Statement: Condemnation of Police Brutality on August 11 | 全球譴責8月11日警察暴行聲明】

We condemn in the strongest possible terms the actions of the Hong Kong Police Force (“HKPF”) against civilians and protesters on 11 August 2019, and the cruel, ineffectual, and unaccountable Hong Kong government. 

The HKPF engaged in egregious acts in a complete dereliction of the rules, principles, and duties of its station. Police officers disguised themselves in protesters’ gear in order to engage in surveillance and arrest; fired tear gas inside Kwai Fong and Tai Koo MTR stations; and shot pepper-ball pellets at protesters in an extremely close proximity (within one meter ) inside a metro station. They used excessive force against arrested persons, including tackling them, knocking their heads onto the ground, and beating them with batons even though they were already subdued. In a shocking incident, a protestor was shot in the eye by a bean bag round, which has ruptured her right eyeball and, according to doctors, probably leads to the permanent loss of vision. In at least two other instances, police officers planted weapons in the bag or pocket of the arrested, ostensibly to create an excuse to charge them with a heavier offence. 23 protesters arrested in different districts were sent to the far-flung San Uk Ling Holding Centre, where they were denied access to legal aid, though lawyers had arrived at the centre and asked repeatedly to see them.

Not only did the HKPF engage in these savage attacks on civilians and protesters, they also once again demonstrated a selective enforcement of the law. In the afternoon of 11 August 2019, a crowd of men in red shirts assaulted a man wearing black clothes at North Point. They proceeded to harass and physically assault three journalists from Ming Pao, Stand News, and Radio Television Hong Kong respectively. The Stand News reporter was threatened with a wooden rod and his tripod was snatched. All the while, police officers standing nearby turned a blind eye, failing to intervene and make any arrests. Another reporter was assaulted by a group of middle-aged men near Metropole Building in North Point. Police officers arrived and separated the reporter from the group; however, even after the reporter repeatedly identified his assailants, the HKPF failed to make any arrests. 

These incidents are only the latest – and arguably some of the gravest and most unprecedented – violations of the rights and freedoms of Hongkongers. Since the start of June, the HKPF has continued to step up their excessive use of force and abused their authority in selectively enforcing the law. Increasingly, the police are engaging in indiscriminate violence against civilians and protesters alike; at the same time, state-sanctioned extrajudicial violence in the form of triad mobster attack is increasing at an alarming frequency. Our journalists and frontline medical workers are also under attack. We are terrified for the safety of our friends and family in Hong Kong. 

The Hong Kong Government has responded to the events of 11 August 2019 with yet another hackneyed statement condemning “violent protesters”. But as has been repeated by protesters time and time again, “there are no rioters, only tyranny.” Furthermore, while the government’s press release blames protesters for robbing Hongkongers of their “right to carry on [with] their ordinary lives”, the Hong Kong Government has done nothing to demonstrate that it is genuinely responsive to the people’s five major demands, which have been clearly and repeatedly articulated in the past two months. We refuse to be manipulated by the Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s cowardly attempts to deny responsibility and shift blame. The root of the current political crisis lies with Chief Executive’s arrogant, ineffectual and unaccountable government, and the violent authoritarian Chinese state to which she and her administration answers. They have willfully ignored protesters’ legitimate demands and failed to engage in any meaningful actions to de-escalate the situation. Their silence speaks volumes. 

We call on the international community to stand with the people of Hong Kong as we continue to fight for our home. The world cannot stand by idly as our city falls deeper and deeper into China’s authoritarian grip. 


Global Solidarity with Hong Kong
Comité pour la Liberté à Hongkong
Democracy for Hong Kong - D4HK (UK)
Vssdm, Vancouver Society in Support of Democratic Movement (Canada)
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Date: July 22, 2019


A statement from Vancouver Hong Kong Forum and Vancouver Society in Support of Democratic Movement on the situation in Hong Kong.



We at Vancouver Hong Kong Forum and Vancouver Society in Support of Democratic Movement strongly condemn the violence attacks in Yuen Long, Hong Kong on Sunday, July 21, 2019. 



On Sunday night, nearly a thousand men in white shirts gathered with weapons and viciously and indiscriminately assaulted protesters, journalists and regular commuters alike. Many witnesses and videos that have since surfaced were extremely difficult to watch and clearly showed that these white-clad terrorists wielded bamboo canes, wooden poles, metal rods and other unidentifiable objects. Footage showed these armed assailants attacking countless individuals on the streets, on the MTR platform and inside trains. Those who were brutally beaten, injured and wounded included residents, a pregnant lady, journalists and a lawmaker. 



Video evidence also clearly showed that police were notably absent at the Yuen Long clashes, only arriving long after the assailants had dispersed, and making no arrests, despite some images appearing to show riot police and armed perpetrators in close proximity. Many residents angrily claimed that they had called the police dispatch more than half an hour prior to police arrival at the scene. 



As Hong Kong Canadians, we are shaken and greatly disturbed by these revelations. We condemn these terrorist attacks and the government's inaction in the strongest possible terms. 



We also do not agree with the acts of vandalism at the China Liaison Office and do not believe it to be a wise course of action. However, we believe that these are controversies that are best addressed and solved by Hong Kong protester themselves.



We believe that Chief Executive Carrie Lam can no longer hide behind the Hong Kong Police Force and triad members to ignore the plight of the protesters. She has done absolutely nothing to address the concerns of the millions of Hong Kong citizens and caused the society irrevocable harm. The government's inaction during these past months, and their deliberate disregard towards the peaceful protests have directly contributed to the intoxicating social unrest that we are seeing in Hong Kong today. The Hong Kong Government and Lam need to bear all the responsibility for what they have caused, and they need to do so immediately to restore faith in the government. Lam and the Hong Kong Government need to address the five demands of the protesters, which are:



1. Fully withdraw the proposed amendments. 


2. Rescind the characterization of the movement as a riot. 


3. Drop all charges against anti-extradition protesters. 


4. Fully investigate and hold accountable abuses of power in the Hong Kong Police Force. 


5. Dissolve the Legislative Council and implement universal suffrage.

Date: July 4th, 2019



We, Hongkongers living overseas and citizens around the world concerned about the extradition law amendment bill in Hong Kong (the “Bill”), stand in solidarity with the protesters who occupied the Legislative Council in Hong Kong on the night of July 1, 2019 and firmly reject the denigration of the protesters as “thugs” by the Hong Kong government. While there may be divergences over the tactics of protest, we respect the right of each protester to determine their own method of protest and stand resolutely with every member of our collective struggle.


Hongkongers will never forget the storms they weathered in the month of June 2019. Faced with an existential threat posed by the Bill, citizens mobilized in opposition at an unprecedented scale. From millions-strong marches to disrupting government operations to printing advertisements on major international newspapers, we exhausted all conventional means of protest. Despite this outpouring of discontent, the response of Carrie Lam’s government has been nothing short of arrogant contempts — first directing the police to brutalize protesters, then adding insult to the injured by giving a faux apology and announcing a merely temporary suspension to the Bill.


Having been physically and psychologically crushed under the iron boot of this heartless regime, Hongkongers sank into desperate circumstances. We watched in unspeakable anguish as three protesters who felt robbed of their futures were driven to suicide one after another. Even as we grieved, the government responded with deafening silence, refusing to address the lives lost and turning a deaf ear to the protesters’ demands.


Exasperated but unbowed, an estimated 550,000 citizens attended the annual protest march on July 1, 2019 marking the 22nd year since Hong Kong’s handover from Britain to China. With an unwavering determination to make the government listen to the people’s outcry, some young protesters occupied the Legislative Council chamber in an effort to escalate the struggle.


Having witnessed the government’s repression and the police’s excessive use of force from abroad, we fully empathize with the protesters, who acted out of grief, desperation and hopelessness. We respect their chosen method of struggle and determination to take matters into their own hands at tremendous personal risk. The breach into the Legislative Council chamber on July 1 was entirely provoked by the government's continued scorn for the people’s voices, which have spoken loud and clear over the last month. Pledging to fight together for collective good and acting with selfless courage, these protesters deserve nothing less than our full solidarity.


We, echoing the declaration of the protesters who occupied the Legislative Council chamber, demand the following:
(1) A complete withdrawal of the Bill;
(2) Retraction of the characterization of the June 12 protest as a “riot”;

(3) Unconditional release of all arrested protesters;

(4) A full independent investigation into abuses of power by the Hong Kong Police Force, and;
(5) Implementation of universal suffrage now


Meanwhile, we take this chance to reiterate that Hongkongers have our full support in their continuing struggle for justice, rights, and democracy during these dark times and we urge the international community to act the same. 



Global Solidarity with Hong Kong

June 18, 2019


VSSDM Rebuts to the statement issued by CBAV and HKCOSA


On June 15, 2019, Mr. Yao Chongying from the Chinese Benevolent Association of Vancouver ( CBAV ), and HKCOSA  re-issued their statement on September 28, 2014 in Chinese newspapers.


** Please refer to the Statement ( in Chinese ) in the link below:



VSSDM demands  the followings:

- Withdraw the Extradition Bill.

- Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam to step down.

- Release the arrested persons immediately.

- Investigate the use of inappropriate force by the Hong Kong police.

HongKongers Overseas Jointly Condemn Hong Kong Police’s Excessive Force and Unreasonable Use of Arms

June 15, 2019


The largely peaceful rally against the proposed Extradition Law Amendment Bill was held this afternoon outside of the Legislative Council, during which protestors have been unreasonably provoked, resulting in violent clashes and numerous injuries. We collectively feel utterly heartbroken and indignant.


We strongly condemn the Hong Kong government, for treating the city’s fundamental rule of law as close to nothing, in addition to imposing political orders onto the Police Department, forcing it to protect a tyrannical administration. Furthermore, Chief Executive Carrie Lam has been deceptive at best, and completely delusional at worst, completely ignoring the loud roar of opposition from the public, forcefully framing her citizens’ political pleas into an issue of public order. This is completely unacceptable for us.


At the same time, we also strongly condemn the Hong Kong Police for its excessive use of force and arms, including tear gas, bag shots, rubber bullets and batons, terrorising protestors, resulting in at least 72 injured individuals, with two in critical condition. We saw the way the riot police shot at and beat up individuals who were present for today’s largely peaceful protest. Shock and exasperation are not enough to describe the way we feel towards the police’s behaviour. We further condemn the police’s assault of journalists and blatant disregard of freedom of the press. We are also profoundly disgusted by the police’s disregard for their duties and related restrictions, voluntarily degrading itself into a political tool to be wielded at will, and venting their anger upon protestors.


We reiterate that there is probable cause that the Hong Kong Police has already violated the UNCAT. Our organisations will cooperate to collect evidence and reports to be sent to the UN Committee Against Torture and the OHCHR, in order to call all police officers and officers who have participated in this type of behaviour to account.


We also urge the Hong Kong Police to immediately stop its use of tear gas and arms, including bag shots and rubber bullets, which can potentially be lethal, and to stop all torture against those who have been or will be arrested. Our organisations and related professionals will do our best to serve justice to the victims in Hong Kong today through international legal procedures and any other applicable means.





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Vancouver Society in Support of Democratic Movement  溫哥華支援民主運動聯合會



April 6, 2019

International Organizations Oppose HKSAR Government Amendment to Extradition Laws   

In response to the charging of a Hong Kong resident with murder in Taiwan, the Security Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government proposed a controversial “one-off case based surrender” arrangement to extend coverage of Hong Kong extradition laws to Taiwan and Mainland China. Once enacted, anyone physically present in Hong Kong can be extradited to Mainland China for trial if he/she is deemed to engage in criminal activities by the Beijing government. Moreover, to appease powerful business interests, the Hong Kong government restricted the scope of the extradition law so it would not include white collar crimes, making these changes to extradition laws a naked attempt to suppress local opposition voices.


In past years, the Beijing government has engaged in a massive crackdown on political dissidents in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao, using intimidation, harassment, arbitrary charges, forced confessions, unlawful detention, and unfair trials. In the case of Gui Minhai, a partner of Causeway Bay Bookstore, the authenticity of the fatal traffic accident charge and the subsequent “confession” are highly questionable. In the absence of democracy and an independent judicial system in China, the proposed amendment to the extradition laws will enable China to use trumped-up charges to effect the extradition of dissidents from Hong Kong.

This controversial proposal has raised serious concerns throughout the international community, the citizens of which could be subject to arbitrary arrest while they are in transit, travelling, working and living in Hong Kong. The passing of such an amendment would not only diminish the freedoms of speech, publication, academic pursuits and other freedoms in Hong Kong, it also threatens its autonomy, prosperity and political stability. It will erode Hong Kong’s status as a regional hub for international business, media companies and civil society. We therefore urge the HKSAR Government to withdraw the proposed amendment to the extradition laws.

Association of Overseas Hong Kong Chinese for Democracy and Human Rights,

Boston (海 外香港華人民主人權促進會)

Canada-Hong Kong Link,Toronto (港加聯)

Friends of Hong Kong 

Macau of Boston (波士頓港澳之友社)

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Vancouver Society in Support of Democratic Movement (温哥華支援民主運動聯合會)