【 Global Statement of Condemnation against Whitewashing Campaign from the Hong Kong Government 】

May 18, 2020

On Friday, the 15th of May, Hongkongers at home and around the world witnessed yet another blow to the justice system in Hong Kong. We, overseas Hongkongers who uphold the values of democracy, truth and justice, strongly condemn this coordinated attempt of the Hong Kong government and the HKPF in whitewashing their ongoing assaults at Hongkongers and the rights of Hongkongers since June 2019.

First came the assault towards legislative independence, when the pro-Beijing Legislative Council President Andrew Leung's illegitimate overriding of the House Committee elections sparked public furor. On the same day, the Independent Police Complaints Council (IPCC) released a completely biased report regarding the Hong Kong Police Force’s conduct during the protests in the past year. In their report, the so-called “watch-dog” took the Police Force’s account of events at face value, denying any severe wrongdoings and misconduct of the force, and even providing advice that would allow the Police Force to further erode Hongkongers’ rights. We firmly reject the heavily tainted false accounts and conclusions of the report.

Since June last year, Hongkongers have been calling for the "Five Demands", namely,

1. Dual universal suffrage, for both Legislative Council and the Chief Executive
2. Amnesty for arrested protesters
3. Retraction of the "rioting" charges
4. Complete withdrawal of the amendment of the extradition bill
5. To conduct a full independent inquiry into the misconduct and ongoing abuse of power in the Hong Kong Police Force.

Hongkongers have seen clearly since the beginning of the protests, that the IPCC could not give a fair investigation into the police's misconduct, due to the make-up of its members and its lack of authority to summon witnesses to testify. Only an independent inquiry, as stated in the Five Demands of Hongkongers, is able to provide honest and truthful findings with conclusions over the full picture. Yet, in the press conference following the report's release, Chief Executive Carrie Lam has once again rejected the demand, claiming that the IPCC's report is telling "the Truth about Hong Kong", enforcing the perspective of the abuser.

Carrie Lam’s instant full endorsement towards the report infested with falsehoods constitutes a coordinated disinformation campaign that perpetuates the government’s false narrative, which serves only the tyrannical regime of the Chinese Communist Party and its ruthless ambitions.

Despite the Hong Kong government’s attempt in altering facts of the protests, we will continue to bear witness to the human rights violations from the Hong Kong government, and we call on the international community to look carefully into these outrageous violations in Hong Kong.

Under the government and Beijing's continuous full-scale erosion and meddling towards Hong Kong's rights and autonomy, the Five Demands of Hongkongers still stand, and we cannot relent. We will fight alongside our brothers and sisters back in Hong Kong until our rights and demands are honored.


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