April 20, 2020

Joint Statement Condemning the Mass Arrest of

Prominent Hong Kong Democracy Activists


We, Hong Kong support groups around the world, strongly condemn the mass arrest in Hong Kong of fifteen prominent democracy activists and lawmakers on charges of organizing, publicizing and taking part in peaceful protests in 2019. This police action has further threatened the rule of law, liberty, and the autonomy of Hong Kong. 


Thousands of Hongkongers fighting for freedom have been arrested for involvement in demonstrations since June 2019, many on rioting charges that could lead to an imprisonment of up to 10 years. The arrest of Martin Lee, known as the Father of Hong Kong Democracy, Jimmy Lai, the owner of Apple Daily, and thirteen other activists signals a ramped up crackdown on Hong Kong civil society. Cynically, the HKSAR administration has chosen to launch this attack on human rights while the rest of the world is preoccupied with the coronavirus pandemic. This act to silence dissent and instigate white terror appears to aim at disrupting pro-democracy forces in the lead-up to the September Legislative Council election. It is also clear that since the fourth plenum last year, Beijing has adopted an increasingly hardline approach towards Hong Kong, ramping up political interference and destroying its reputation as an open and free society.


While demonstrations in Hong Kong have tapered off as the city is struggling to contain the Coronavirus outbreak, these high-profile arrests, along with a renewed push for the enactment of the repressive national security legislation Article 23, aim to strangle freedom of expression in Hong Kong. This will only increase the resentment of the people of Hong Kong towards their puppet government and its controllers in Beijing.


We therefore call upon the international community to:

  1. strongly condemn the violation of human rights, liberty, rule of law and autonomy by

Chinese and HKSAR officials in arresting and charging of democracy activists in Hong Kong,

  1. demand for the immediate and unconditional dismissal of charges against all democracy activists,  and

  2. apply the Magnitsky Law, Human Rights and Democracy Act, or other relevant national

legislation to sanction Chinese and HKSAR officials responsible for the violation of human rights, freedom of expression and assembly in Hong Kong.



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