Joint Declaration on Hong Kong Government's Political Repression against Social Activists


On February 28, 2020, the Hong Kong Police arrested three social activists and charged them with  illegal assembly and/or criminal intimidation.  This high profile arrest targeted Jimmy LAI Chee Ying,  founder of Nextmedia,  YEUNG Sum, past chair of the  Hong Kong Democratic Party  and LEE Cheuk Yan,  former Legislative Councillor and former Chairman of Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements.   


The allegations made against them are linked to a religious praying assembly on Hong Kong Island that the three activists participated in on August 31, 2019.  The assembly was part of the "Anti Extradition Bill" movement.  The Hong Kong Police ignored the right to freedom of religious assembly, banned the assembly and arrested the trio. Jimmy Lai is also charged with criminal intimidation of an Oriental Daily reporter, in 2017.  


 It is clear that the arrests are politically motivated and are intended as “white terror, that is, acts of violence against supporters of a social movement.   These actions have a chilling effect by severely suppressing the right to freedom of speech and assembly, and banning Hongkongers' reasonable appeal for true democracy.  They directly attack  the "One Country Two Systems" principle that was guaranteed for Hong Kong.   We, the human rights organisations listed below, jointly issue this declaration.   


We strongly condemn the Hong Kong Government and the Hong Kong Police for colluding and conniving to illegally repress social activists and dissidents, and to gravely harm human rights.   


We appeal to international communities to sound the alarm of the human rights tragedy in Hong Kong, to assist Hongkongers to up hold the "One Country Two Systems" principle, and to immediately adopt positive measures that include sanctions against those Hong Kong officials who will not abide by this principle of governance.


Cosigned by:

美國視覺藝術家協會 (Visual Artists Guild )

卡加利利中國⺠民主促進會 (Movement for Democracy in China )(Calgary)

多倫倫多⽀支持中國⺠民運會 (Toronto Association for Democracy in China)

溫哥華⽀支援⺠民主運動聯聯合會 (Vancouver Society in Support of Democratic Movement)

中國⺠民主教育基⾦金金會 (Chinese Democracy Education Foundation )(San Francisco)

港加聯聯 (Canada Hong Kong Link )(Toronto)

波⼠士頓 頓海海外香港華⼈人⺠民主⼈人權促進會 (AOHKCDHR )

波⼠士頓港澳之友社 (Friends of Hong Kong and Macau of Boston)

洛杉磯香港論壇 (Hong Kong Forum, Los Angeles )